About Us

Taiahiro, born at the intersection of innovation and passion. Our story began with a group of computer enthusiasts and engineers who shared a common vision: to provide users with an exceptional keyboard experience.

Our brand name "Taiahiro" is derived from Japanese vocabulary, meaning "the radiance of the sun." This name represents our pursuit of innovation, brightness, and enthusiasm.

Taiahiro is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality computer keyboards that integrate the latest technology and design concepts. We understand the importance of keyboards in modern life, not only as a tool for work but also as a medium for expressing thoughts and creativity.

Our computer keyboards feature state-of-the-art mechanical switches, delivering outstanding keyboard feedback and lasting performance. We pay attention to details, employing exquisite craftsmanship to ensure that each keyboard withstands the test of time.

In addition to quality, we strive for uniqueness. Taiahiro's keyboard designs are creative, offering various appearance and feature choices to meet different user needs.

Our mission is to create an exceptional keyboard experience for users, making their work more efficient, their gaming more immersive, and their creativity more inspiring. The story of Taiahiro continues to bring surprises to keyboard enthusiasts and computer users.